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February 28


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A loud explosion ruptures through the air as a ship barreled forth onto PNF-404's lush surface. The ship looked to be of same age having a bunch of wear on it and seemed to have a tinted shade of blue... It SMASHED into the surface and an ejection seat flew off as PiK blasted out of it, along with his Pikmin Storm. He smacked right into a pellet posy and fell down with a satisfying plop and Storm floated right onto his lap. "Oh my gosh... did we actually just get out of there?" He stated. He looked around and seen his surroundings... He didn't know what to think of being alive from his horrid experience... He sighed and fell to his knees and said " It's over... I done it" PiK knew the enemy fighters might still be after him and hid in the brushes. After awhile he felt okay and came out and started to look for his ship. He gasped as he saw the sight of his beloved vessel destroyed and broken into pieces... The onion seemed to of been blown out of the haul.

He knew what happens at night and he knew that his ship would not be able to save him from the creatures of the night in the condition it is in right now... He knew he had to find help and fast! Suddenly two Hoctacians saw the fire and had run towards the smoke! One's name was Louie... quite odd fellow and another was Lynn. "I'll go and check out what that was! You stay here I don't want you to get hurt..." Lynn agreed and decided to stay. Louie had cut through the brush to see PiK examining his ship. Louie backed off to avoid confrontation. He came back to Lynn and said "It's a burning ship... I'm sorry there was no survivors" PiK luckily followed him and caught him off-guard surprising him yelling "I'm not dead yet!" in a angry tone. Louie fell to the ground surprised and Lynn giggled and greeted PiK. PiK told them of his situation and was offered a ride to Hocotate.

PiK had happily agreed and then blasted off to their home Hocotate. PiK was concerned being in a new environment knowing that his dictator is looking for him! After awile he became accustom to the strange planet. He became close to the Hoctacians and became an know resident there! PiK for the time being is staying with Lynn. Captain Olimar is Lynn's Uncle and live together in a house in the middle of what seems like no where... PiK for now is staying with them living outside for a little while and then moves in later. This is how it all got started...

Though there's a lot more then meets the eye! PiK comes from a planet called Twilo. Twilo is or was a lush green planet with many odd lifeforms the dominant being the Mimin, the same species PiK is. They used to be once a tribal tribe, all under one dictator. Soon, they learned about alien technology and evolved over the years and became more and more advanced. Though they made sure they used resources that could easily be replenished.

This didn't last very long though, a new leader who's name PiK shall not even speak it, became dictator. He saw a financial type of creatures, dominants of the galaxy. Soon space travel, money, war, and domination. The lush planet now full of pollution, all trees, oceans, destroyed. The planet is now covered in a terrible smog and you can't even go out of your own home with masks on. PiK grew up on this planet, he remembered when the sky was blue instead of a dark black, and when he could go outside and actually breathe instead of choking.

Life was never easy for him either. Family issues, the loss of his brother, and his father turning his back to him every living moment. He was becoming an outlaw, until he learned about these creatures called Pikmin that his mother told him about and named him after. He then dreamed of touching the stars. After a few years, he finally became a man and got a pilot's license. He then flew to the planet named PNF-404, or back then, 250 million years ago called earth. PiK found his very first pikmin crew member Storm. He saved her life and she is now eternally grateful and now follows him around.

He went back to his planet to show everyone his findings of PNF-404, and the first thing the Mimins yell is cultivate it! PiK was outraged about, a female taking his place and they removed his license and forbid him to ever go back after his protest about not cultivating it. Pikmin were going to be a livestock, they captured an onion and took them all hostage even little Storm. PiK was not going to let this happen, sneaking on into the place and blowing it to smithereens! He had his plan all set up, he took the Onion in his ship and got Storm and all the other pikmin to.

The ship blasted off, escaping his new enemy, his own people...
Though PiK will soon learn, who he is, what his purpose is, and how the fate of so many lives rely on his hands. Not realizing the revolution he had started. This is just merely the beginning of our tale.

((PiK: Look I know this wasn't the best! it's the beginning or in other word's the Prologue... I don't remember much of this day because of how long it was ago... Also I tried to do it from all perspectives and write it in a story form. Don't worry the next one will be better and a lot more expressive~! This was just how I remembered it so don't get angry! XD))
TeamSonicForever4910 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That's okay; why does this seem familiar, didn't you upload this before? Sorry, I'm just curious. 
PikminHensley Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014   Traditional Artist
Yes, I refined it and remade it in literature
TeamSonicForever4910 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That makes sense now.
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