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February 28, 2014
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(Contains: violence/gore)
A distress signal gets sent to all captains in the area... Luckily Lynn was nearby and opened her wrist communicator "Pik... You there?" she said. After no response and the screen just fizzing out she blasted off to the area PiK was in. It seemed he was in the distant spring before his terrible accident with the puffmin. She landed softly and opened her hull letting her pikmin out "Man... He could be anywhere around here... Everyone stay by my side we don't know what could be in there. That goes double for you Doodle!"

She noticed huge puffs of smoke off in the distance. She walked towards the smoke until a loud explosion ruptured through the air "PiK?!" She appeared in through the brush to reveal a huge open area where no foilage had grown. Ship parts layed scattered everywhere and smashed footprints as well. There was a trail of blood leading into the woods just before she could follow it a Puffmin came out of a piece of the ship and attacked!

She throws out Ana and she slashed through the puffmin like it was nothing. Lynn pulls back and looks away at it's body before it's body discenigrates into silky spores as it's spirit arised. More started to come out of no where! She knew it was time to run. She quickly dashed through the forest following the blood trail getting away from those horrible puffmin. She finally reached the end and stared at what seems to be a cave entrance envolped into a side of a hill. A red pikmin was standing guard as she walked up to him.

She met the little fella and he stood guard not allowing her to pass. She pulled a pellet out of her bag and he gladly took it and let her in. She waved her pikmin in and saw a faint green light looming at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel is reaked with the smell of death and blood. The light got closer and she heard "Hello is someone there?". She knew this voice it was PiK! He came out of the darkness looking well suprised! It seemed his helmet had a huge crack in it and seemed to be covered in a blood which doesn't seem like his own. "Lynn is that you? Oh my sweet goodness I'm glad to see my distress signal worked!"

She examined his condition "PiK are you... are you ok?" He looked distraught and said "I'm fine... I just can't say the same for my pikmin" He waved her in to the back of the cave which was half blocked off with a boulder. The end of the cave was dimly-lit and loaded with glowing mush-caps. His pikmin had a bunch of bandages on their body... Storm had a bandage across her arm, Nightmare had bandages all over his legs with blood seeping through sitting down on a fuzzy looking ball. An Solar had a nasty head-wound covered in bandages across his forehead.

She saw them in their horrible condition "Is there anyway I could help?" PiK stared back "Of course you can I ran out of medical supplies it would seems." He then started to walk out "I'm going out to go get Steve, he should be guarding the entrance of this place!" He walked out and she pulled out a medical kit to tend to the pikmin's wounds. Storm saw this and hid behind a mush-cap knowing that peroxide would hurt. It took Lynn a tiny bit, but she finally coaxed Storm out of hiding. Storm really hated the stining feeling but held still for Lynn to tend to her wounds. PiK came back holding steve in his hands and pushes the boulder in place. "It's night out there... Looks like we'll have to stay in here for the time being!"

After awile Lynn noticed something off about the thing Nightmare was sitting on. It seemed as if it was... moving and making noises! She noticed and stood up from tending Storm's wounds "Nightmare... behind us now..." He got up and started to walk over until he noticed the little brown ball was starting to shake back and forth frantically. PiK and Lynn watched the ball unfold into a brown/fuffly like pikmin. PiK stared and said "It's a brown pikmin or a-a-fluffy pikmin!" The pikmin seemed happy about then not being predators. He fell over shocked to find a pikmin right under his nose! Lynn just stared in amazement at it.

Nightmare got startled and thought it was an enemy. His back puffed up and got on all fours as spikes came out of his back. He jumped up and was about to bring a sickle-like hand down on the pikmin. The pikmin quickly curled up in a ball and it made Nightmare's attack bounce right off him! Lynn laughed as Nightmare's eyes widened and hid behind her. After awhile later PiK got right back up and yelled "Allons-y!". He looked around and said straight to Lynn "What just happened?" "You seemed to of got over-excited about your findings and you fell right onto the ground." "Hmm... that seems like me" he walked right on over to the pikmin and started to examine his fur and starts rubbing his head. "Hmm it seems his skin is just like a hairy bulborbs." The Pikmin didn't even care and just accepted that he was being petted.

PiK and Lynn slept for awhile with their pikmin until Lynn heard something gnawing on the boulder. She slapped PiK up and told him to go see what the noise was. He got up and walked over, standing by the boulder listening intently and his helmet even touching it. Steve got up and ran right by his side on guard. Out of a little crack in the boulder a long tounge came out and was feeling around the area. They all held their breath except for Steve who was ready to fight the tounge. Suddenly when it was about to leave Steve jumped and attacked the tounge. PiK yelled to the top of his lungs "STEVE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Lynn cringed and was watching from afar. The tounge grabbed steve and he was stuck to it. "Your not going to get my little Steve!" He yelled and pulled out a knife stabbing the tounge with all his might. The knife was slowly dissolving and he pulled back grabbing Steve. "Help me!" Lynn ran over and tugged on his back and pulled with all her might!

PiK then got stuck on the tounge as well and now it was trying to pull them right through the tiny crack. PiK's Helmet stopped them in place where the hole was because it was too big to fit then Lynn was pulling onto his Antenna! Suddenlly PiK slipped through the hole and was being dragged into it's mouth! He saw it was an Whiptounge Bulborb and quickly punched his nose full force when being dragged in swiftly. He got tossed onto it's head and started to pull on it's eye trying to rip them off! Steve fell to the ground and started to attack it's hard cleated feet! Lynn came out from underneath the boulder to see a silhoutte slowly coming into the cave humming something. He suddenly got bucked off and hit the ground. His helmet smashing into the ground busting it nearly to pieces! Lynn quickly rushed to his side and examining his body. Steve ran over right to her side to see if PiK was alright!

The bulborb took no attention to them and was curious about the humming. It became more clear and they could clearly hear what it was saying. The bulborb saw an orange pikmin twitching closely over to him and started to talk. "All around the pellet posy the bulborb chased the pikmin! Then the pikmin found a bomb-rock and can you guess what happened?" The bulborb seemed angry and quickly ate him and felt satisfied. It turned around and then Lynn heard the pikmin speak muffled out from in the bulborb. "Boom went the bulborb!" An explosion ruptures through the cavern as the bulborb falls to the ground! The cave is about to crumble as all of the pikmin dash out!

She saw PiK was in no condition to run and quickly picked him up and ran out! The cave crumbled into nothing and she put him on the lush ground. She saw his oxygen was running low and she quickly rummaged through her bag. She finally found her gas mask and quickly took off his helmet and placed it on his face. She than ran it into her suit and sighed with relief. He slowly cracks his eyes opens and stares her in the face. "You... You saved my life!" he slowly got up and stared at her in disbelief. She also seemed overfilled with joy that he is alive and well! They gathered up their pikmin and started to walk off where his ship is.

He looked distraught and lost in thought and said "I wonder if my pikmin are all right..." She looked at him with full curiosity. "They were stored in my hull of my ship... I hope that they're ok..." She stared off in the distance and remembered his ship broke into pieces. "I'm sure they're alright and will be happy to see you again! I mean, they must of been so worried that their captain was gone out all night!" she said comfortingly. He made a grin and continued on "Yeah... I'm sure they had missed me." Finally getting to the crash sight he stared at his destroyed ship in awe.

He collapsed to the ground and started to cry as she ran over to try and comfort him until he stood up and started laughing. "It's all a dream" he said and stared back at her. She stared at him "PiK..." he twisted his head at her and smiled. He kept reiderating himself and took off the gas mask and threw it down! She kept trying to calm him down over his loss and kept attepmting to put the gas mask on. After a little struggle a Pink Pikmin flew over to him and then after that and that more of his pikmin came to him. "See... I was dreaming!"and gave a reasurring smile. She doesn't look impressed and sighs "what a day..."

He stared at his ship and said "Can I get a ride back to Hocotate back with you?" she then looks impressed ",But PiK... I don't know if all of your pikmin and you will fit in my hull!" He then shouted "UBiL!" and a white pikmin with pitch black wings came out from the shadows from a tree! PiK snapped his fingers and UBiL let out a hiss and shrunk his pikmin and put them in a container. "I think there will be enough room now." and made a grin. She seemed very interested in that Pikmins obscure power "Ok let's go!" They both ran off to her ship and blasted off right back to Hocotate! It only took a few minutes until they reached their destinations.

PIK jumped out and said "Thanks for the ride!" Lynn jumps out of the cockpit and said it was no problem. He reached around for something in his bag and gave it to her. "Here it's my new number incase I get into another sticky situation" she took it and registered it into her pad and said " Yeah, Thanks..." He slowly trotted off from the ship and waves goodbye. She waves back and yells "I'll tell Uncle Olimar that you said Hi!" he turned around and said "Don't tell him that we were really close to getting almost killed!" "I won't, I'll be sure to see you again!" Then out of the hull came the little fluffy pikmin. She tried to pet it but it just curled up in it's ball and she gently petted his back. The little guy came out and came in for a hug. "Hmmm... I think I'm going to name you Harry, Harry Henrison!"

((:iconpikminyellow: Lynn))
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pikminyellow Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Hmmm... I think I'm going to name you Harry, Harry Henrison!"

It is Harry, but i said Harrison...that's his formal name. all my pikmin have those =w=; ))
TeamSonicForever4910 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
That seemed interesting. I can't wait to see what happens next,  I'm also glad that you, Steve, and your other pikmin made it okay.
PikminHensley Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Professional Writer
thanks mate~! :D
TeamSonicForever4910 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You're welcome.  :)
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